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You know that's right...

Burton Gus Guster (Dulé Hill)

As any Psych fan would know Burton Guster has had many nicknames. From "Gus" as his friends and family call him, to Methuselah Honeysuckle. More often than not these nicknames are used in the introduction to minor characters and are seemingly made up on the spot by the "psychic" and Gus' partner Shawn.

From Episode 5 to the most recent episode to hit the USA Network, the Psych writers have kept up with this silly and funny trend.  This site is dedicated to all the nicknames Burton "Gus" Guster has been giving on the show and after each new episode will be updated. Feel free to leave a comment on each Season's page with your favorite name from the season. Also, feel free to let me know if any of the names are missing and if any of the quotes or times are wrong. I'm in the process of making sure they are all right but could use the help!



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